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Why over other renewables ?

Hydroelectricity system requires plenty of stored water and also a high-pressure flow of water. You know that much flow is not available everywhere. Wind energy generates electricity using the speed of the wind but with great power comes great limitations, as it doesn't work when wind speed is lower as well as higher. Biomass requires lots of degradable composites which also not easily available everywhere. While solar power generates energy from solar radiation, Which is available everywhere from urban to rural areas, from deserts to farms. Also, an increase in radiation helps to generate more power. Also less radiation due to cloudy or foggy weather generates power too. No monopolies on generated solar power.

Did you know the average intensity of solar energy reaching the top of the atmosphere directly facing the Sun is about 1,360 watts per square meter? 

Reduce Invoice
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Reduce electricity bill


 By generating your own energy using the on-grid solar system, surplus power can be sent to the grid, which will be useful to reduce the amount of electricity bill or it may be reduced up to zero also. Reducing electricity bills help to save money. With improving technologies generation increases and loss of power decreases.

Return on Invest

Return on investment

 Money invested on solar PV system returns in time of 3-5 years. Solar energy is incredibly plentiful so how much you will invest, that much more energy will be generated and decreases the time of returning.

Low Maintanance

Long term warranty with low maintenance


 Solar PV system comes with a long time of warranty. The average warranty is about 60 months from the time of the installation. Also, maintenance of solar PV system is negligible compare to the long life of solar PV system which is around 25 years. As in solar PV system contain no moving parts so maintenance is very low compare to other power generating systems. 

Diverse App

Diverse application

 The solar system comes with its diversity. It can be installed on the ground, flat as well as round roofs, the surface of the water and in deserts also. It just requires sun radiation to generate power. Nowadays solar panels can be fitted on walls or in place of glasses of the buildings to generate power. Nearly everyone can adopt it.

Production during Peack

Production during Peak Hours

Energy demand tends to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame and then early in the evening. This is the period when the price of electricity peaks. Solar energy generation reaches its maximum production capacity during these hours.

 With the additional electricity input of solar energy, prices in these time frames could be driven down to a level close to the night hours.

Pollution Free

Pollution free electricity generation


        With increasing electricity requirement and use of the conventional method of generating electricity pollutes environment. By using solar photovoltaic for generation of electricity we can reduce much more amount of pollutants. As solar generates electricity without generating any kind of greenhouse gases. Thus it also helps to reduce greenhouse effect to environment. Silent electricity generation helps to reduce noise pollutions also.

pollution free.jpg
Less Lost in Transport

Less Electricity Lost During Transport

Some of the energy, around 3-5%, is lost during transportation and distribution. The longer the distances between the production and the supply points, the more energy is lost. Those losses might not seem significant but they can influence the performance of the installation in regions with high population density.

Having solar panels on the roof or in the yard significantly reduces this distance, therefore increasing the efficiency of the solar panels.

Improve Economy

Helps to improve economy

 Solar PV systems create jobs by employing solar panel manufacturers, solar panel installers etc. Engineers , lessening workers, EPC workers, structure designers, manufacturing plant workers can get jobs, and thus it will help to improve the economy of the country. Solar installation mainly require skilled guidance to workers.

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