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Electric Vehicle 


An EV Charging station is Known as electric vehicle charging station. These kinds of stations are equipped with two/three charging points for Electric vehicles like bikes, cars, trucks etc in one charger. These charging points deliver DC power. It varies with Super charger, turbo charger, regular chargers etc. Also charging points for home segment are covered.  


UPS & Power Backup

UPS is uninterruptable power supply/source. It is one of the power backup system. Sudden Power cut off due to faulty lines, short circuit or other reason can harm your valuable devises  in no time. UPS can prevent this kind of harmfulness which are created due to fault of power. It contains SMF battery and transformer. Battery can supply power for few minutes to several hours, in this time you can save your precise data and shut down your device gradually without harming it. Also, transformer will help to stabilize the incoming power.

DG Set
DG Set.jpg

DG Set

DG set is known as DIESEL GENERATOR set.  It is one kind of power generator. Power generation is done by 4-stroke Diesel engine. It consists control system, circuit breakers, jacket water heater, cooling system etc. Set sizes range from 8 KW to 2 MW.


Voltage Stabiliser

A voltage stabilizer is a device that stabilizes voltage fluctuation or variation to a given range. It is electrical component which deliver regulated voltage to applied load during over and under voltage conditions. Stabilizer detects these variations in condition and bring voltage to desired voltage. Modern stabilizers are digital type of which uses microcontroller or microprocessor as a Central Control Unit. We give power solutions for 1 pc to full server room.

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