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About US

AXIS ENERTECH is a System Integrator for Solar Rooftop systems.

We provide the best products from well-known brands.

We supply and install solar panels, inverters, and structures of solar panels.

We design the best possible solution with the help of PVSyst & other simulation Software.

Power Plant Safety is foremost for us & Which is Complementary added to our all installation.

Basically, we design and install all the components like structure, Cables, Solar Panels, Inverters, Electrical Panels, Earthings with each and every factor of safety.


Apart From Solar, We are also working in the segment of E-Mobility in which we are doing installations of Electrical Vehicle Charging Station Points.

Business Team
Business Team



Meet Vachhani is a true pathfinder in every sense of the word. He is an Electrical Engineer & has knowledge about Solar rooftop Systems & On-Grid Connections. He was bitten by the solar bug back in 2017 when he first came across ‘Mehsana’, a city in Northern Gujarat while studying at GANPAT UNIVERSITY which is known to be North Gujarat’s first solar electrified 278 Acre campus; GANPAT UNIVERSITY truly captivated Meet and introduced him to the power and potential of the renewable energy for the first time. He passionately pondered over the subject for a short while before he went on to pursue his Training in Electrical Engineering from Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Rajkot. 

Meet returned from IOCL with an aim to develop his career in the field of Renewable Energy & Electric Mobility.

Meet began researching the Renewable Energy & energy storage market in its minutest detail and strived to do everything in his individual capacity to make a notable footprint in the market. Very evidently, the solar bug which bit Meet back in 2017, had revisited him, but this time, to stay.

Few months down the road, Meet was bound to cross paths with his Cousin Brother Ashish Patel - Who have Experience of more than 20 Years in the Field of Electrical as well as ELV(Extra Low Voltage) Products and was extremely elated to meet a like-minded ecopreneur who shared a similar vision on a subject that was so close to him. Both the entrepreneurs finally decided to unite their efforts and officially joined hands to take this sustainable idea forward.

Meet strongly believes that the Electric Mobility market may be at a nascent stage at the moment but will undoubtedly serve as a substitute for fuels like petrol and diesel in the near future. He foresees AXIS ENERTECH going places and confidently envisions the venture to be playing a pivotal role in bringing about this radical change.


Ashish Chapani has 20 years of extensive experience in Electrical as well as Extra Low Voltage Products, For more than 130 Products to amplify design and make it simple, attractive and more reliable.

Ruchit Chapani is a designer with 17 years of experience. He has expertise in converting customer’s requirements to better design with the best possible solutions.

Nikhil Vachhani is an Automobile engineer with experience in structural analysis. Suggestions of making the system customer-friendly are one of his passion.

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